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Solution for demand –driven manufacturing

Solution for demand

In order to solve the problems of developing products, our company offers different solutions for your selection.

According to your demand of quantity and application of product, we will find out the best way of production process in order to achieve economy and efficiency. 

CNC / Lathe Precision Machining​

CNC / Lathe Precision Machining

  • Order size: small to medium quantities

  • MOQ: from 1pcs and up

  • Suitable for Metal, Plastic parts

Rapid Vacuum Casting

Rapid Vacuum Casting

Silcon molds are used in Vacuum Casting manufacture, copy the same products and keep the same quality with original sample.

  • Order size: small quantities

  • MOQ: from 1pcs to 20pcs (max)

  • Suitable for ABS, PP, PC, PMMA, Rubber

Rapid RIM

Rapid RIM

  • Shorten the time for mold & Reduce the cost of mold

  • Order size: small to medium quantities

  • MOQ: less than 1000 piece/product life

  • Size restrictions: min. 400*400*500(mm); max.2000*1200*1000(mm)

  • Application: Auto industry, medical equipments and etc.

  • Material is similar to PP and ABS

Rapid Prototyping Service Comparison Table
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