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Lead-free PCB Assembly (SMD/SMT)

The lead-free process requires that boards to be assembled at higher temperatures, usually 30-50 degrees or higher. The higher temperature may require the substrate or laminates of the circuit board itself and various components to be modified to withstand the higher temperatures in the oven. In addition, the IC moisture sensitivity level that indicates how long the board can be exposed to the air is approximately 2 classes higher for lead-free boards. The shelf life of the materials used in lead-free boards may also be shorter.

Lead Free


  • IPC Class 3 Lead-Free Processes

  • µBGA, PGA, LGA, BGA, PoP and 01005s

Test Capabilities

  • Test System Development

  • ICT & 5DX

  • Functional & AOI

  • ESS & Flying Probe

  • Burn-In Chambers

Lead-free PCB Assembly Product Portfolio

PCB Assembly Line
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