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Sustainable Energy

Quality Policy 品質政策

Customer first

No matter from production planning, sample trial production, order mass production, from shipment to after-sales service, we are committed to providing product quality and advantages. The goal is price, rapid response, and service satisfaction, and "honesty Integrity and the courage to innovate" for the purpose of service.

提供客戶不管從生產企劃、樣品試作、下單量產、出貨到售後服務,均致力於提供產品品質、優勢價格、快速應變、服務滿意為目標,並以”誠實正直勇於創新 ”為服務目的。

Quality first


The entire company upholds "good quality, all employees are responsible". The concept of the implementation of the quality of the "three NO" policy:

  • Do not accept defective products

  • Do not produce defective products

  • Do not flow out of the “three NO” policy

全公司上下皆秉持”做好品質 全員有責” 之理念,執行品質的”三不 ”政策:

  • 不接受不良品

  • 不產出不良品

  • 不流出不良品的”三不”政策

The manufactured and and shipped to customers products must be excellent quality to meet all customer requirements and needs. We strive to to invest to continuously improve the company's technical standards, and encourage employees to come up with innovative ideas, while improving their skills. Regulus is also committed to developing high-quality and lower-cost operation modes.


Integrate the above-mentioned overall efforts, pursue innovation and change, and all employees of the company are responsible for their dedication and teamwork. Regulus is also striving for the best service quality is nothing more than satisfying customers' responsibilities and needs, and for the the company's interests and enable the company to continuous operations.


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