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In order to provide the best solution for your inquiry, please let us know some basic details of the product and fill out this Product Survey Form.​

Please ensure to fill out the form with the relevant details and email it along with the RFQ file to

The list of required technical documentation

PCB Assemblies without Programming, Testing, and Tuning

List of Documentation, including:

1. Description

2. BOM list

3. SMD/DIP assembly drawing

4. PCB requirements

5. Gerber files

6. Conformal coating drawings

7. Inspection instructions

8. Sample for OQC report

9. Packing specifications and drawings

We are proud to be available for all our clients on 24/7 year-around basis, share the knowledge we have developed in the complex projects management and make the technologies available throught our strong supply chain accessable for the benefits of our customers.

We can offer turnkey product development solutions from design, to materials selection, to the process development and optimization, to industrialization and small-batch to mass production and to final assembly.

Thanks to the experience in the moulding and tools construction, Regulus has strengthen an engineering and co-design that enables the reduction of the time to market and the saves on start-up costs for our customers.

Our company employs Autodesk/AutoCAD, Dassault Systèmes/SolidWorks and PTC/Pro-Engineer software, but we're also capable of interfacing with the other major updated CAD/CAM computer-aid programs.

When you're ready to start projects evaluation with us, please provide technical documentation, preferably in the following formats:

  • 2D drawings: *.cad or *.pdf or any other suitable for your format

  • 3D models: *.iges or *.step or any other suitable for your format​

Order Process

Regulus ordering process
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