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PCB Conformal Coating

Environment-friendly coatings comply with EU's RoHS Directive. Additionally, we have lead-free, halogen-free and low VOC initiatives to support our customers.

Specific features:

  • Dielectric properties

  • Thermal stability

  • Barrier properties

Ultra-thin and pinhole-free, we are providing conformal coatings with exceptional properties, including:

  • Outstanding dielectric properties

  • Outstanding chemical and moisture barrier properties

  • Bio-compatible and bio-stable protection

  • Ultra-thin, conformal coating of all exposed surfaces

  • Outstanding multi-layer penetration

  • Thermal stability up to 450℃ (short-term)

  • Unparalleled ultraviolet stability 

Circuit boards after environmental Testing
(Humidity Exposure and Salt Mist Testing)


  • Electronics

We provide conformal and uniform coating solutions, ensuring complete coverage of circuit boards, LEDs, wafers, ferrite cores and other electronics packages, including MEMS, labs-on-chips and electrowetting technologies.

  • Automotive

Ultra-thin Parylene coatings protect critical automotive sensors, circuit boards and other electronic components from harsh chemicals, fluids and gases, even withstanding high temperatures encountered during prolonged use in engines and systems.

  • Military / Avionics / Aerospace

Outstanding coating for electronics used in avionics applications and military vehicles and equipment, to protect against elements such as dust, sand, moisture, and chemical and biological agents.

  • Medical

Protect medical electronic components and devices from moisture, biofluids and biogases that can cause assemblies to fail prematurely. Such protection extends device life, prevents costly repairs and reduces the risk of failure.

Sureface modification for implantable medical devices such as cochlear implants, pacemakers and neurostimulation devices. The coating protects medical devices and components and serves as a biocompatible surface for tissue contact.

Coating Selection Chart

Coating Selection Chart

Conformal Coating Machine

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