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Silicone Molds & Vacuum Casting

Silicone molds ─ are used in vacuum casting manufacture, use CNC sample produce silicone mold, then inject with PU material in vacuum status, copy the same products and keep the same quality with original sample. The max size of silicone mold &vacuum casting product is 2000*1000*1000 mm.



This technology has the advantage of fast production time and low cost, which can greatly reduce development cost and risk, and shorten the development cycle. It is particularly suitable for low-volume production. Vacuum casting also can produce the complex structure products, and wall thickness is uniform


Besides, metal part Inserting is a mechanical process where PU Resins are cast around and/or through metal part (ex: Stamped metal part, Cast metal part, or Brass inserts) that have been inserted into mold cavities to produce In-Mold Assembled parts.




  • PU (transparent ,soft)

  • POM

  • ABS

  • PP

  • PC

  • High temperature fire resistant UL94V-0 ABS

Silicone Molds & Vacuum Casting Products Portfolio

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