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Reaction Injection Molding | RIM Rapid Prototyping

RIM ─ is widely used for quickly copy products with rapid manufacturing. They are used with PU material, in normal temperature, low pressure situation, inject into rapid mold, after material chemical and physical reaction, the finished products come out.

Compared to Plastic Injection Molding, RIM is a more simple and convenient process with a shorter production cycle.



RIM can provide large parts such as car parts, engine cover, instrument panel, medical shell, large equipment. And it’s also suitable for low-volume production.
And RIM also allows designers the freedom to create curved surfaces with accurate surface details in 4 to 10 mm wall thicknesses.



PU, this material is similar to PP/ABS, products with aging resistance, impact resistance, high-tensile strength, high-elasticity, easy to assemble and disassemble.

Reaction Injection Molding Products Portfolio

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