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Precision 3D/5D CNC Machining, Lathe and Milling Turning


Precision 3D/5D CNC Machining

With our CNC machining services, which include both CNC turning and milling operations, we can manufacture a wide variety of products,such as housings (cases), shields, bushings, collars, various machined components, fasteners and etc.


Lathe/Milling Machined Parts

Main advantage of applying CNC machining enables unlimited capabilities to produce any custom products, including screws and nuts.


Threaded Inserts

Threaded inserts are available in metal material finished, as well as copper, aluminum and stainless steel. We provide a variety of brass threaded inserts in the category, such as flange compression limiter, blind rivet nut and so on.


Connectors & Coupler Parts

Custom connectors and coupler parts can be made according to the samples, drawings, or special design.

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