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Composite Material Molding (Carbon Fiber/Glass Fiber)


  • High design freedoms: fiber, resin and process selection.

  • High specific strength/stiffness: two/five times of aluminum/steel.

  • High fatigue resistance: 90% / 50% of its ultimate strength for fiber composite/metal material.

  • Anti-corrosion: Under the exposure of air and moisture, coating is necessary for metals while carbon fiber is corrosion-resistant, coating is not obligatory.


  • Aerospace: owning bulletproof and explosion-proof technology for manufacturing protective lining of armored infantry vehicle

  • 3C products: carbon shell technology (4H), RF transparent material, metal and glass composite materials forming etc.

  • Automobile components: TS-16949 Certified, weight reduction for fuel / power efficiency, patented wheel spoke carbon

  • Green energy: aeroengine structure, lightweight composite structure, 5KW wind turbine blades

  • Green building materials

  • etc.

Comparison of Carbon Fiber, Flass Fiber and Other Composite Material
Composite Material
Carbon Fiber
Carbon Fiber
Carbon Fiber
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