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Complete PCBA 

(PCB Assembly In accordance1.31.5 with IPC-A-610)

Regulus completely focused and dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional service and on-time delivery performance for all of their critical needs.

To support your research work, we also provide rapid PCB prototyping. Prototyping stage is the most critical period of PCB project. We not only make your boards quick, but also make your job right as well as cost-effective. This greatly reduces your cost and shorten the time for developing your electronic products.

Type of Assembly

  • THD (Thru-Hole)

  • SMT (Surface Mount Technology)

  • SMT & THD mixed

  • Double-sided SMT and/or THD assembly


  • Prototype PCB Assembly

  • PCB Assembly in low volumes

  • Mass production


  • IPC Class 3 Lead-Free Processes

  • µBGA, PGA, LGA, BGA, PoP and 01005s

Assembly Process

Test Capabilities

  • Test System Development

  • ICT & 5DX

  • Functional & AOI

  • ESS & Flying Probe

  • Burn-In Chambers

PCB Assembly Product Portfolio

SMT assembly equipment_FUJI NXT 3
PCB Assembly Line
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