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Company Profile

Regulus is an Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider and precision engineering company with strong capabilities in design, engineering and manufacturing of mechanical structures and components, serving rapidly growing electronics industry.

Regulus offers Turnkey Production, OEM Box Build Assembly and System Integration Solutions. 

We have an extensive expertise in engineering and manufacturing, our professional team provides a one-stop solutions by integration of the designing, pre-production analysis, molding, manufacturing, workshop and assembly production.

For every projects, we work closely with our customers reviewing requirements and specifications, then provide proper solutions through evaluation and simulation of all possible technical and/or technological difficulties that may occur during production process. When dealing with customized projects, we set up exclusive value-added servicing process for each customer and this is what makes us strong and competitive.

Aiming to be global value-added solutions provider and manufacturer, we devote ourselves to the precision and automated manufacturing, providing our customers latest and most competitive technology.

Organizational Chart

Our advantages

  • From idea-to-product comprehensive design capabilities

  • Evaluation, selection and localization of the proper materials and parts

  • Selection of the most cost-efficient manufacturing technologies

  • Fast estimation for costs of materials and production

  • Wide selection of rapid and precise prototyping technologies

  • Wide range of metal fabrication solutions

           o Pressure, gravity, sand and wax casting for aluminum, zinc alloys and steel

           o Multi-dimensional high-precision CNC machining

           o Advanced MIM as well as conventional metallurgy for steel, copper, bronze 

           o Forging manufacturing technologies

           o Precision stamping, sheet fabrication and extrusion manufacturing

  • Complete solution for functional or aesthetical plating and coating

           o ROHS/WEEE-compliant plating

           o EMI/EMS coatings

           o Corrosion and oxidation protection

           o Hardness enhancement coatings

           o Coloring through painting or plating techniques

           o Decorative treatments for metals, plastic and silicon/rubber

  • Fast molding and tooling solutions for metal, plastic, silicon/rubber, including:

           o Thin wall molding

           o Clear and high-polish molding

           o Double-shot, insert and over molding

           o Multi-cavity, cavity combination and cavity separate injection/forming

  • Flexible combination of manufacturing techniques

          o High-precision laser cutting and engraving, NCT punching and NC bending  

          o Robotic arc welding

          o Casting/forging and precision CNC milling

          o Multi-component injection and forming

          o Ultrasound welding

  • Years of experience in manufacturing, assembly and testing of IP5x/6x water-proof mechanical structures

  • Manufacturing  ISO 13485 & ISO 10993 compliant medical and health products

  • Low-batch (volume) production-ready to match customers’ market demand

  • Assembly solutions for semi-final and final products

  • Electronics manufacturing solutions through partner services 

  • Flexible choice of production locations to choose from our bases in China or Taiwan

Industries served

  • Industrial electronics

  • Medical and Health

  • Consumer electronics


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