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Thermoforming Plastic

Thermoforming plastic is widely used in virtually every industry where a custom plastic product is desired, but the part size is larger and the volumes lower.  Rapid prototyping and lower cost tooling are advantages over other fabrication processes 


Application :

Thickness 0.15~10 mm.



1.    ABS 

2.    PC/ABS

3.    HDPE

4.    TPO

5.    HIPS

6.    PVC/Acrylic

7.    PE

8.    PVC

9.    PMMA

10.  PETG

Plating & Coating options for Thermoformed (vacuum formed) plastics:

1. Vacuum plating 

2. Surface Plating & Coating

​3. Surface Final Finishing

Plastic Vacuum Forming v.s Injection Molding

Thermoforming Plastic

Thermoforming Plastic Products Portfolio

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