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Surface Painting & Coating

We provide whole process services to meet the variety demands regarding appearance processing (includes RoHS, Not ROHS) and functional requirement of any metal and plastic products to satisfy customer needs. 


Painting - offers an unlimited choice of colours with a very good colour conformity. Powder coating is the by far dominating painting method used today. There are generally no limitations as regards the choice of colours. The RAL and Pantone palettes offer a great number of colours.


■ Methods:

1. Powder Coating 粉體烤漆

2. Liquid Coating 液體烤漆

3. Electrostatic Coating 靜電塗裝

4. Electrostatic Liquid Coating 靜電液體塗裝

5. Soft-touch Painting 

6. UV painting (UV Oil)


■ Material:

1. Metal Parts

2. Plastic Parts


■ Methods:

1. Electro Deposition (ED) Coating 電著漆處理

2. Color Electro Deposition (ED) 彩色電著

3. Dyeing treatment (ex: Black Oxide) 染色處理


■ Benefits:

1. Anti-rust function No flow mark cosmetic failure, in comparison with painting

2. Color on the surface can be unified

3. With fine permeability, therefore coating layer could be completely applied onto the surface

4. Coating layer can be controlled easily

5. Environmental friendly contents without lead

Plastic Metalizing & Coloring

■ Process:

1. PU primer

2. NCVM (Non-conductive vacuum metallization)

3. PU color

4. UV coating


■ Benefits:

1. Creates metal texture on plastic models

2. Offers a beautiful glossy sheen

3. Resist abrasions, scratches, rubbing (2H~5H)

4. Resist ink smudging

5. Smooth to the touch

​*** For detailed selection list of Plating and Coating processes, please refer to Plating & Coating Table

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