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Sintering, is the process of mixing raw material and pressing them into a desired shape by compacting machines, and then heating the compressed materials under a controlled high temperature by sintering furnaces to bond the material in to a form.



Sintering  produces near net shape components. The technique required few or no secondary operations. It also can be produce from high melting point refractory metals with less cost and difficulties.

The tolerance of components produced by this technique have quite high tolerance, therefore no further machining is not required.



■ Iron steel: FC-0202, FC-0208

■ Stainless steel: SUS304,SUS316

■ Copper: CT1000

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Surface treatment: Galvanising, Cr-based and Cr-free coating, sand blasting, priming, burnishing, pickling, passivation, painting and decorative coatings and others

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■ Motorcycle Automobile parts:Shock absorber, Piston.
■ Electrical Home Appliance parts:Compressor, Sewing machine, Extraction fan, The bearings of the fan
■ Agricultural Machine Components:Gear drive, The component of bearings
■ Business Machine Components:Typewriter, Photocopier...etc.
■ Hardware components:Locks, Screwdriver and the other components of stainless steels.

Sintering Process

Sintering Flow Chart

Comparison of Sintering with Other Metal Fabrication Methods

Comparison of Sintering with Other Metal Fabrication Methods

Tolerance Table of Sintering Manufacturing

Tolerance Table of Sintering Manufacturing

Sintering Products Portfolio

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