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Unleashing the Versatility: Exploring Silicone Rubber Applications

Updated: Jun 3

Rubber Compound

To turn a design into reality, attention to detail is crucial. Often, this is where silicone rubber components play a significant role. In this article, Regulus will explore the diverse applications of this versatile material.

Now, let’s delve into the applications of silicone rubber:

Aerospace: Silicone rubber finds use in aerospace applications, including space suit elements.

Automotive: It’s employed for gaskets and seals in the automotive industry.

Construction: Coatings and sealants benefit from silicone rubber.

Electrical and Electronics: Adhesives and encapsulants in electrical and electronic devices utilize silicone rubber.

Food Processing: Food molds and related applications benefit from its properties.

Medical: Silicone rubber components, such as seals, tubes, and valves, are essential in medical instruments.

Remember, silicone rubber combines flexibility, temperature resistance, and other advantageous properties, making it a valuable material across various industries.

Silicone rubber keypads and buttons are made of high elastic, nontoxic silicone rubber compounds. Injection molding process reduces their production cost and ensures high yield of quality parts.

Silicone Rubber Keypad & Button

Conductive silicone rubber & foam- is known for its excellent weather, oxidation, and ozone resistance.

In EMI/RFI shielding, this rubber or foam in particular is used as a medium to provide electrical conductivity across a gasket-flange interface.

 Conductive Gaskets

Dual-material molding – includes rubber-to-metal bonding, rubber-to-plastic bonding, and rubber-to-cable bonding.

Insert molded parts are used in sealing and in vibration control. The bonds achieved by insert molding are stronger than glued parts.

Dual material molding

Membrane switch is made of several layers including soft insulating material and electric material, with free lock and touch feature. It gives absolute reliability, even in the most hostile operating environments.  

Membrane Switch

Waterproof Gasket, plug , bush- can be used for isolating the water. According to the size and position of waterproof hole shape, the rubber plug can be designed to an effective product.

waterproof gasket

Our elastomer composites are a unique solution made primarily of natural rubber and reinforcing materials.

elastomer composite

Regulus provides turnkey services from PCBA to box-build. If you have a project on hand, contact us at and speak with one of our consultants. 


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