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Elastomer Composites (Rubber Compound)

Our elastomer composites are a unique solution made primarily of natural rubber and reinforcing materials. They are produced in a proprietary and patented mixing process that enables a superior level and creates materials that are structurally different from compounds produced by conventional methods.

High performance rubber compounds:

  • Temperature range from –50 °C to +250 °C

  • High chemical stability

  • Good stability of weather, ageing and oxygen

  • Excellent resistance of mineral oils

  • Low gas permeability

  • High mechanical strength

  • Improved wear resistance

Fire retardant rubber compounds:

All compounds are based on non-halogen (chlorine and bromine free) flame retardant fillers and smoke suppressant additives to obtain their fire retardant properties, nor do they contain heavy metals.


Industrial performance:

  • AMS 7276 compliant 

  • JIS B2401-4D compliant 

  • FDA food grade fluororubber products

  • Special-grade fluororubber: provides the strap for the manufacturer to produce the world-famous 3C wearable wristwatch.


  • Automotive Industry: ISO 9001:2015 and TAIWAN Aerospace Industrial Development Corp. S-300 certified.

  • Aerospace and Defense Industry: EMI Shielding Seals for Marine Missile Launcher/Vehicle, Marine ROV Outer Body Self-Cleaning Coating and UAV Carbon-Fiber Fuel-Tank Liner.

  • Electronics/Semiconductor Industry: Widely used in electronics and semiconductor industries for downstream applications such as vacuum pumps and wet process applications. With the high quality can reduce contamination during wafer fabrication and exhibit excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals, while offering high purity with low permeation and outgassing levels for semiconductor vacuum applications.

  • etc.

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