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Explore PCBA and OEM Box-Build Solutions with Regulus on "Global Sources Sourcing Talk"

Updated: 6 days ago


Gain insights into PCBA and OEM box-build solutions from Regulus Electronics Ltd. by watching Mr. Igor Ou's interview on "Global Sources LIVE Sourcing Talk".

Regulus embodies the excellence of 'Made in Taiwan' in Electronics Manufacturing Services, dedicated to quality, precision, and innovation. We offer Turnkey Engineering & Manufacturing solutions that span the entire production process, ensuring each project is crafted to perfection.

The entire OEM box-build solutions we provide included PCB Assembly, Plastic injection molding, Silicone/Rubber molding, Metal fabrication - CNC machining, Stamping, Casting, Forging, MIM, Sintering, and so on. Variety choice of the surface treatment – Electro plating, PVD coating, liquid & Powder coating, Anodizing and so on. Power supply & battery solutions.

Our competitive edge lies in our extensive expertise in engineering and manufacturing. We offer a one-stop solution by integrating designing, pre-production analysis, molding, manufacturing, workshop, and assembly production. We collaborate closely with our customers to review requirements and specifications, providing tailored solutions through evaluation and simulation of potential technical or technological challenges during the production process.

In summary, sourcing from Regulus Electronics Ltd. means partnering with a company that not only provides exceptional and innovative manufacturing solutions but also adds significant value to your supply chain through dedicated service and technological prowess.

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