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Pioneering Ultra Low Temp Li-polymer Battery for Extreme Environments

Ultra Low Temperature Li-polymer Battery

While most Li-polymer batteries operate within a temperate range of 0˚C to 40˚C, Regulus breaks the mold with our cutting-edge technology. Our time-tested Li-ion polymer cells are engineered to withstand the extremes, maintaining over 90% capacity retention even at a chilling -40˚C. Experience the power of resilience with Regulus’s Ultra Low Temperature Li-polymer Battery – your reliable source of energy in the most demanding conditions.

Beyond the Cold -40℃

Ultra Low Temperature Li-Polymer Battery

Following is Charge/Discharge reports & photos of some of the models, which we have been supplying for our projects:

Ultra Low Temperature Li-polymer Battery Photos
Ultra Low Temperature Li-polymer Battery Report

We also provide Battery Power Solutions as below:

  • Rechargeable Battery

    • Nickel–metal hydride battery (NiMH) - 1.2V

    • Nickel–cadmium battery (NiCd) - 1.2V

    • Lithium-Ion battery (LiCoO2) - 3.7V

    • Lithium polymer battery (LiCoO2) - 3.7V

    • Lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4) - 3.2 V

Rechargeable Battery Comparison Chart

  • Primary Battery

    • Lithium manganese dioxide battery (LiMnO2) - 3.0V

    • Lithium-thionyl chloride battery (LiSOCl2) - 3.6V

    • Lithium iron disulfide battery (LiFeS2) - 1.5V

    • Lithium sulfur dioxide battery (LiSO2) - 2.8V

Primary Battery Comparison Chart

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