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Revolutionizing Surfaces: The Art of Chemical Conversion Coating, Anodizing, Electroless Plating, and Electroplating

Plating & Coating

One key aspect we consider when evaluating a product is its aesthetic appeal. However, beyond an attractive appearance, surface treatments can significantly enhance functionality. This week, Regulus will guide you through four pivotal surface treatments we offer: Chemical Conversion Coating, Anodizing, Electroless (Chemical) Plating, and Electroplating. Each method not only improves the visual allure but also augments the durability and performance of our products.

Widely used in steel parts. Good adhesiveness and cost-effective. 

  • Chromate 

  • Cr-FREE

  • Black Oxidation 

Chemical Conversion Coating

Good insulator. Suitable for products that require decorative appearance and good insulation. ​

  • Standard

  • High-Gloss

High-Gloss Anodizing

Widely applied in making satellite products and commercial electronics which require high performance of EMI/EMS shielding.

Electroless Plating

Suitable for products that requires decorative appearance or EMI/EMS shielding.  

  • Chrome

  • Nickle 

  • Copper

  • Gold 

  • Zinc 

  • Alloy


Regulus provides one-stop solutions from PCBA to box-build. If there is anything we can help, you can always reach out to us at

PCB Assembly


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