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Advantages of Leaded PCB Assembly

Leaded PCB Assembly

With an increasing awareness of environmental protection, companies are having difficulties looking for leaded assembly solution providers. However, some advantages of leaded solder make it irreplaceable for manufacturing certain electronics devices. This time, Regulus would like to tell you more about leaded PC boards and the benefits it brings to electronic products.

The most distinguishing feature of leaded solder is its much lower melting point compared with its lead-free counterpart. The melting point of the commonly used leaded solder Sn37Pb is 183 °C while lead-free solder, SAC387, needs to be heated up to 217 °C to melt. This tells us that leaded solder causes less thermal damage to electronic components. Also, the color of the boards differs if we apply different processes. Leaded PC boards have an overall shinier appearance, which makes it easier to spot problems on the surface. Lastly, the prices of leaded solders are generally lower than its lead-free ones.

Regulus Electronics offers both leaded and lead-free (RoHS-compliant) PCB assembly. We are currently operating at full capacity. Click here to know more about our leaded PCB assembly.

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