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PCBA Solutions

PCBA Solutions

        Developing and marketing a product take time and effort, which is exactly why you should leave the rest to RegulusRegulus provides turnkey solutions from bare board fabrication to complete box-build. With our help, companies are able to focus on designing and branding-- factors that make a product unique. 

Step 1: Bare Circuit Board


  • Rigid

  • Flexible

  • Rigid-Flex

  • Ceramic

A printed circuit board

Step 2: PCBA

Lead-Free Assembly 

  • Recent & Future Trends

  • Environmentally-friendly

  • WEEE & RoHS Compliant 

  • Suitable for Consumer Electronics

Leaded Assembly 

  • Higher Reliability

  • Better Weather Resistance

  • Suitable for Industrial Electronics 

printed circuit board

Step 3: Conformal Coating

  • Acrylic 

  • Urethane 

  • Epoxy

  • Silicon

  • Parylene

  • Nanocoat 

Conformal Coating

Step 4: Testing & Programming

Programming & Testing 

  • IC Programming

  • IC Marking

  • Testing

  • Dry Packing

PCB Testing & Programming

Step 5: Box-Build

  • Industrial Electronics 

  • Consumer Electronics 

  • Medical Devices 


        If you are hoping to take a deeper look at our PCB capabilities, please send an email to and one of our agents will assist you with your queries. 

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