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Come Join Us at Pacific Design & Manufacturing 2020

HDI PCB Assembly
BGA PCB Assembly with Testing and Progra

Regulus is all packed and ready to meet our friends at Pacific Design & Manufacturing 2020!


Pacific Design & Manufacturing 2020 will be a three-day event taking place in Anaheim, California from Feb 11 to 13.

As Regulus specializes in PCBA and box-build, we'll be displaying PCBs and mechanical parts from our product portfolio at the show. 

Box-Build Assembly Medical Products
Over the past 20 years, Regulus has served customers from various industries and managed to lower the overall production cost by local sourcing. We are capable of both trial runs and mass production. Either you are a small-to-medium business owner or a large franchise, take your idea to us and we'll turn it into reality. 
If you are interested in arranging a talk with us in advance, click here to check out our show page and add us to your show planner or email us at
If you haven't signed up for the event, click on the banner below and get a free expo pass!  Remember to enter the promo code "SPECIAL" when claiming your pass. See you there!
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