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Metal Stamping

Regulus produces various kinds of metal stamping, and also makes the necessary stamps. Extraction, bending, blanking dies can be manufactured according to the requirements and drawings. 


Cold forming, hot stamping

Cold and hot forming is performed by us using modern equipment in the shortest possible time. We guarantee consistent quality extruded products.



Since the processing time is significantly reduced as compared to that involved in cut processing, the cost can be likewise reduced.


Besides, compared with the cut processing in which the material is cut one by one, the variations in the quality of the stamping, in which a large amount of material is processed at a time is to be less. The consistency in the quality of components results in the consistency of quality of the products.



   ■ Steel: SK5,SK7

   ■ Copper

   ■ Brass: C2680

   ■ Aluminium  

   ■ Magnesium alloys, titanium, aluminum 

   ■ Beryllium copper :290TM04

   ■ Cold-rolled steel sheet

   ■ Stainless steel:SUS304


   ■ Copper-Nickel-Zinc:C7521, C7521R

   ■ Phosphor Bronze:C5191

   ■ Ceramic

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Surface treatment: Galvanising, Cr-based and Cr-free coating, sand blasting, priming, burnishing, pickling, passivation, painting and decorative coatings and others

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Metal Stamping Products Portfolio

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