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Metal Powder Injection Molding | MIM

Metal injection molding is the process which merges two established technologies, plastic injection molding and powdered metallurgy.

If you have small, complex part that requires tight tolerances and higher wear, MIM may be the solution to your needs.



The metal injection molding process lie in its capability to produce mechanical properties nearly equivalent to wrought materials, while being a net-shape process technology with good dimensional tolerance control.

It is common for MIM to produce parts for 50 percent less than the cost of CNC machining or investment casting. At the same time, the true value of MIM comes from its ability to produce parts with complex shapes, superior strength, and excellent surface finish in combination with low- to high-volume manufacturing capability.



■ Stainless steel:316L, 304L, 17-4 PH, 440C, 420J2

■ Iron base alloy:Fe-2%Ni, Fe-8%Ni, 4605,S45C, SKD-11

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Surface treatment: Galvanising, Cr-based and Cr-free coating, sand blasting, priming, burnishing, pickling, passivation, painting and decorative coatings and others

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■ Electronics Industry:Mobile phone parts, Computer peripheral parts, Digital camera parts, Telecommunication parts

■ Medical Industry:Surgical instruments, Dental parts

■ Automotive Industry:Brake parts, Turbocharger parts

■ Power/ Hand Tool Industry:Ratchet, Micro gear

Metal Injection Molding Process

Metal Injection Molding Flow Chart

Comparison of Metal Injection Molding and Other Metal Fabrication Methods

Metal Injection Molding (MIM)

Suggested Tolerance for Metal Injection Molding Parts

Metal Injection Molding
Typical Materials for Metal Injection Molding Process
Metal Injection Molding

Metal Injection Molding Products Portfolio

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