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Lost Wax Casting, Investment Casting

Lost wax casting (also called Investment casting)  is a multi-step process that delivers accurately cast and economical products.



The lost wax casting allows a great design freedom while designing components with complex shapes, strict dimensional tolerances and materials difficult to machine. The main economic advantage resides in the possibility of replacing, with a single casting, small and big assemblies composed by different pieces, generally mechanically joined or welded, with a consequent decrease of cost and weight and better resistance. Another advantage is represented by the wide possible choice of materials (steel and aluminum alloys).

All steel and stainless-steel materials as well as aluminum alloys, brass and bronze can be cast, very close to the final shape, by means of the highly refractory ceramic shell.

Close tolerances and high quality surfaces - In many cases parts can be manufactured ready for installation. This saves machining costs. Draft angles are usually not necessary.

​Dimensions: Max. 500 x 500 x 500 mm.


■ Aluminum alloys:A356T6, A6061, A514.2 (AC7A).
■ Alloy steel:AISI 4140, AISI 8620
■ Stainless steel:SUS304, SUS31

■ Carbon steel: S20C, S45C

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Surface treatment: Galvanising, Cr-based and Cr-free coating, sand blasting, priming, electropolishing, tumbling, burnishing, pickling, passivation, lacquer finishing and others

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■ Sport:Golf Heads

■ Bicycle & Motorcycle Automobile parts:Turbo blades, cylinder head, Front and rear wheel calipers, Wheelchair chain, rear foot, Brake handle

■ Weapon parts:Sighter, Statlight nigh vision goggles, Rear lights lampshade

■ Machinery parts:Tool holder chain (milling machine/ plastic machine)

■ Telecommunications parts:Satellite receiver (small ears), Microwave conduit connector, Clamp

■ Hardware

■ Hand tool parts

■ Sewing machine parts

Lost Wax Casting / Investment Casting Process

Investment Casting, Lost Wax Casting

Comparison of Investment Casting with Other Metal Fabrication Methods

Comparison of Investment Casting with Other Metal Fabrication Methods

Investment Casting Products Portfolio

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