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FP0255 | Waterproof IP67 Navigation devices

Regulus was contracted to provide the full range of works, including: 

  • design-to-production analysis

  • production methods selection

  • alternative technologies testing

  • moulds and tools development

  • pre-production prototyping 

  • trial small production, including mechical components and electronics PCBA

  • mass quantity manufacturing, including mechanical components, PCBA, and other accessories

Project Details 


■ Application : Waterproof IP67 Navigation Devices

■ Materials Applied 

1. Housing : PC, AC3800

2. Metal parts : 

    a) Brass

    b) Machine Steel Y12

3. Plastic parts : Nylon+GF

4. Silicone & Rubber parts : Silicone A50 (Black Body ; Transparent Pillar) 

5. Connectors: 

    a) 3 pins SMD side entry, 4472 series OUPIIN 

    b) M12 PCB mount pin panel 8 pins male connector, HOLIN

    c) M12 Female connector with circular locking ring, HOLIN

6. Cable : 

    a) SMA female to I-PEX RF cable

    b) UL1571 AWG#28, Multicore mounting wire with 4472 series terminal OUPIIN 

    c) UL1007 AWG#26, Multicore mounting wire with 4172 series terminal OUPIIN 

7. PCB : Laminate, FR4 standard

■ Method of Production  

1. Plastic injection molding

2. Threaded insert molding

3. Silicone rubber injection molding

4. CNC Machining 

5. PCBA parts purchasing

6. PCBA assembly

■ Plating & Coating :  Black Zinc 3um, Nickel 3um

■ Surface Final Finishing :  Screen printing (Pantone 185C, 294C, 3125C, 3955C, Black C)

■ Pre-delivery Processes  

1. Product final assembly

2. Vibration testing for final product

3. Air tightness testing for final product 

4. Waterproof testing for final product

Project Portfolio 

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