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Order from Home
Regulus Will Do the Rest

Covid-19 Work from Home

Regulus understands that a lot of our clients are home quarantined at the moment. We want to send our best wishes as we are all in this together and we know how difficult it might seem sometimes. But we believe home quarantine is a temporary measures that will certainly lead to positive outcomes in the long run. 


    At the same time, we would like to inform all of you that as Taiwan takes early precautions against COVID-19, we are able to operate at FULL capacities. If your production is interrupted due to the pandemic, Regulus can help. We want our customers to be fully prepared for the bounce of economy after the pandemic. So while you are working from home, we are here in the office and factories. Our mission is to get the job done on time and make sure that when you are back to the office, everything is good and ready to go. 


    Let's stay strong and safe together!

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