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AI203 Ceramic Circuit Boards (MCPCB)

By applying thin deposition, lithography and electroplating processing, various metal circuit and fine trace patterns can be manufactured on the surface of ceramic substrate. Ceramic substrate consists of various superior physical properties like thin dimensions, anti-corrosive, high temperature resistant…etc.

Combining thin film lithographic processing & stable properties of ceramic, A lot of Applications can be achieved.

Image layers metal:Ti, TiW, Cu , Ni, Pd , Au , Ag, AuSn, Sn, Al…and other metallize。

Applications:Network resistor, Chip resistor, Chip resistor array, Thick-film hybrid IC, Thin-film hybrid IC, General isolator, High power LED, Solar cell, Microvave (wireless communication), Bandpass filter

Benchmark of Various Substrate Materials
Substrate Materials & Metalized Part
Compare with Thick & Thin Film Process
Real Image
Produce Method
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