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A Look into Our Factories


        "Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent efforts." - John Ruskin


        This is why Regulus places so much emphasis on the quality of products. This week, we'll take you on a tour and show you where the real work takes place:

1. SMT Assembly

  • Separate material storage area for leaded & lead-free assemblies

  • Monitored temperature & humidity

  • Strict disinfection procedures for personnel & factory environment

PCB Factory

2. NCT Production 

  • Various production processes: Laser machining, punching, and bending

  • Surface treatment also available to enhance the functionality & presentation of a product 

  • PQC & FOC to monitor quality

sheet metal fab

3. CNC Production

  • Types of Machines: Milling, turning, and lathing machines 

  • Full range of equipment enables us to  provide rapid prototyping for metal parts of low to high complexity


         For those we are interested in detailed production process of PCBA, we include all the workflow steps here. Come check it out!

        Want to know more about Regulus? Write us an email ( and a company presentation will be right on your way.

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