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Clarity in Innovation: Pioneering Functional Optical Solutions

optical solutions

“Redefining Surfaces: The Dual Role of Functional Coatings”

Unlike conventional painting or coating methods that focus solely on aesthetics, functional coatings serve a dual purpose by enhancing both the appearance and functionality of a product. These specialized coatings are designed to modify the mechanical, optical, and various other properties of optical components, offering a transformative solution for advanced applications.

This week, join Regulus as we explore the innovative realm of functional optical coatings, showcasing our cutting-edge solutions that redefine the capabilities of optical technology:

This photo is a demonstration of anti-fog goggles. Similar applications include:

  • Anti-Fog

  • Ice Prevention

  • Fire Retardance

  • Anti-Scratch


Self-cleaning coatings are mostly applied in making the screens of electronics. Their functions include:

  • Anti-Fingerprints

  • Anti-Graffiti

  • Anti-Smudge

anti-fingerprint screen

  • Conductive Glass for Touch Screen

  • Insulated Glass for Building Materials

conductive screen

  • Anti-UV

  • Anti-Blue Rays

  • Anti-Reflection 

Anti-Blue Rays

Regulus has comprehensive solution portfolio. If optical solutions are not what you are looking for, check out two more categories below:

Other Plating & Coating Options

If you are looking for surface treatments for plastic or metal parts, check out this page!

plating & coating

Waterproofing Solutions

Another popular property people like for their electronic product is water-proofing. If you are interested in this application, take a look at our waterproofing solutions!

waterproofing solutions

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