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Seal of Excellence: Comformal Coating for Ultimate Circuit Protection

Circuit boards after environmental Testing
After Humidity Exposure and Salt Mist Testing

Comformal Coatings ‘conform’ to the irregular landscape of the circuit board, providing increased dielectric resistance, operational integrity, and protection from corrosive elements. With continued miniaturization of electronics, it has necessitated the need for better insulation and increased performance between components on the printed circuit board.

Ultra-thin and pinhole-free, we are providing conformal coatings with exceptional properties, including:

  • Outstanding dielectric properties

  • Outstanding chemical and moisture barrier properties

  • Bio-compatible and bio-stable protection

  • Ultra-thin, conformal coating of all exposed surfaces

  • Outstanding multi-layer penetration

  • Thermal stability up to 450℃ (short-term)

  • Unparalleled ultraviolet stability

Coating Selection Chart

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