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PCB Directory

PCB Directory

       We know that it could be a pain in the neck looking for the right PCB manufacturer for a project. 
The factors that sway our decisions are so many that we might need tons of time to decide on possible candidates. 
        If there is a B2B platform that offers everything you want to know about PCB from manufacturers directory, PCB know-how, to the latest industry news, wouldn't it be too good to be true?
        Regulus is so excited to show you around this amazing B2B platform,"PCB Directory."

1. Organized & Versatile Manufacturers Directory
PCB Directory sorts PCB manufacturers by category. You can easily navigate to the services you need. 

PCB Directory-Manufacturers Directory

2. Close Industry Community 
Under the "Community" section, we can post questions and view answers to posts. This certainly facilitate the collaboration for everyone in the PCB industry and those in need of this service.

PCB Directory- Community

3. News Update 
Getting a hold of the business trends and the latest technology will certainly enable us to make smarter decisions. With bombarding information appearing on the Internet every day, we need a place where important industry news is well gather and presented. Check out the "News" section in the PCB Directory and you'll be amazed at the quality and quantity of the news articles there. 

PCB Directory- News

        Regulus is so happy to tell you guys that we are now listed on PCB Directory. We'll be sharing whitepapers on this platform and our official website. Check us out on PCB Directory! 

PCB Directory- Regulus Electronics
PCB Directory- Regulus Company Profile
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