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OMD Types & Techniques

Out-Mold Forming

        Out-mold decoration (OMD) is an innovative extension of in-mold decoration. It can be applied in both metal and plastic parts. Out-mold decoration appeals to both our visual and touch. Different textures and intricate patterns can be added to enhance the look of a product. It is suitable for small batch and mass production with lower set-up cost. If you want your product to stand out from its competitor, perhaps this is what you are looking for.

Out-mold decoration includes two techniques:

1. Out-Mold Release 

  • Release the film after patterns are coated onto the surface of a part

  • UV curing process following out-mold release, suitable for products requires higher hardness 

  • Soft-touch texture available. 

2. Out-Mold Forming

  • Film is attached onto product surface, no need for film removal

  • Various textures available: leather-like, wood-like, fiber-like

If you are interested in knowing what other materials can be used in out-mold decoration or its many benefits, check out our page here.

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