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Use Functional Plastics
to Fight Against COVID-19

Forehead Thermometer
Surgical Face Masks

With COVID-19 pandemic, plastics become more popular than ever. The urgent need for medical products pushes us to re-examine how plastics can help in providing cost-efficient medical products in high volume during a global health crisis. 

Regulus has listed out the major reasons that make functional plastics an irreplaceable ally against COVID-19:

1. Resistant to Heat & Sterilization 

Plastics like polypropylene (PP) is heat-resistant and can be steam sterilized. This type of functional plastics is commonly used in making syringes and surgical masks.

2. Resistant to Chemicals & Cleaning  Agents 

To clean medical devices repeatedly, you might need a type of functional plastics called polyethylene (PE) as it can withstand harsh cleaning agents including ethanol. 

3. Easy to Meet Medical Standards 

Functional plastics can be easily made following the regulations stipulated in ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 and FDA Classes.

4. Cost-Effective & Time-Saving

With injection molding technology, products made from functional plastics are produced at comparatively lower cost and get to the market faster.

If you have a project on hand that requires functional plastics solutions, check out the following items:

Custom Injection Molding

Custom Injection Molding

Check out what more properties can be included to a plastic product with injection molding technology. 

die cut gasket

Rapid Prototyping 

If you are developing a project and would like to test the outcome of your design, try our rapid prototyping solutions. 

Injection Molding

Box-Build Solutions 

For medical devices or medical electronics, consider our box-build solutions which include PCBA and the fabrication of mechanical parts.

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